Friday, December 4, 2009

Are you happy?

I love this question. It is always asked by someone who thinks they have the answer to this question. It's always a trap...that I love falling for, only for the sake of the argument that follows. Religion is the typical solution offered. But little does the poor soul know that I have an extensive background in the subject. I try to disguise my excitement and slowly reel them in with a series of awesome questions.

I am depressed...I feel like I'm missing something.

Can this give me eternal peace and happiness?

So, you are happy???

It's funny to me...the answers they give. Sure, religion offers peace and happiness, but it doesn't exempt you from depression or sadness or pain. Nowhere does it say that...much like those Al Queda and their 30 virgins the only real promises they can make involve nothing they can prove. It's all fairy tales and unicorns.

Well...I never said you'd ALWAYS be happy.

God wouldn't let that happen to you...unless he WANTED to, plus He only gives you what you can handle. Ya...up to the point of death, so there is no limit just feel good promises.

I don't say all this out of spite for being burned by religion..ok, I PARTLY say that out of spite but I do like to think I'm partially objective (maybe I'm blinded just like I think my religious counterparts are blinded). I just can't stand the lures used and then the reality that's given after by these people. Just follow your religion and be honest about it...or does that make it too difficult to sell?


bfos said...

You would have loved the PR 101 video they've been showing in class the last few weeks.

One point that struck me was that, when sharing the gospel, you should not share your "weird God" stories. Things like how God helped you out with traffic during rush hour or the angels that have spoken with you. I agree most, if not all, of those kinds of stories are nonsense. But, now, why would I censor myself from sharing something if I truly believe it? The only reason not to share something that amazing would be the simple fact that it makes God harder to SELL.

It's kind of interesting that something so core, so critical to existence would be so complicated that we need PR lessons on how to sell it.

あじ said...

God is a product. Buy and you'll be happy! Sell and you'll get rich. Wait, is this a pyramid scheme?

Jake said...

I always thought witnessing instructions were hilarious. You are basically taught to look for people in the dumps. Why? Because they would give you their first born child if you promise it will get them back on their feet again. "What? I don't have to worry anymore just by praying this prayer? SOLD!"